About Us

Real Estate Fund Manager is the premier source for in-depth analysis, exclusive news and data on the real estate private equity fund and investment management world. With a particular focus on the operational side of the business, including in-depth coverage of issues such as outsourcing functions like due diligence and compliance and the latest news on regulatory and legal issues, Real Estate Fund Manager is the go-to source for the critical issues affecting property owners.

We provide exclusive news on new fund launches, powered in part by data from Preqin, and closely follow trends in the market that range from fee structures among different managers and the growing secondary market for stakes in real estate private equity finds. Our coverage includes regular videos interviews and breakfast seminars with top industry executives.

REFM brings together what’s most important for real estate fund managers into a single package, with a weekly news email, daily updates to our website and a monthly digital edition. Whether you’re a manager, consultant, broker or banker, REFM is the single source for all of your needs.